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Hello tumblr!

My name is Danielle and I need your help. My dream is to become a neurosurgeon, any other hobby or interest I have ever had pales in comparison to my passion for the medical sciences. My passion has many roots to it. I’ve grown up having to live with different families, and while I was with my own we lived often beneath the poverty line, receiving eviction after eviction and having to go without food, heat, or hot water. Sometimes even electricity. All the financial woe was due to an absent father and while my mother did her best to care for us, she struggles greatly with addiction. Caring for her at her lowest points was where I first knew that I wanted to care for people for the rest of my life. Then after being hit by a car and fracturing my skull in September 2013 I discovered neuroscience and I found my calling, I found the area and career path that is the only thing capable of making me feel like more than a mouth to feed, but someone who can accomplish things and give back. I currently live with my friend’s family, and they already try so hard to support me for most every day expenses that there isn’t any extra money to spare. 

I recently received an invitation to attend the Congress of Future Medical Leaders in Washington, DC where I would receive a National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists Excellence award. This award and attendance at this Congress are my chance to make all of my wildest dreams a reality, to get on track to actually becoming a neurosurgeon. The congress will have lectures from nobel prize winners, many new technologies, and a real surgery which I would get to watch and ask the surgeon questions in real time. There is also major medical school scholarship opportunities and the experience puts me in a prime position to obtain other scholarships toward undergraduate school. If I do not receive enough money in scholarship I will not be able to attend college, and that is a thought that haunts me every day. My older brother was only able to complete one semester of higher education before we could not pay to keep him there. I have always found comfort in my education and I know it is my only way out of the world I was raised in. 

This congress is pricey, but using my money from work and some help from generous people then I can make this really happen, and I would be eternally grateful to anyone who could throw me even five dollars, even a single dollar towards not letting my financial situation rob me of such an amazing opportunity. Thank you all!

Yo this girl is one of my best friends. I’ve known her for over five years now. She’s amazing and talented and SO dmart, and has literally the best work ethic imaginable. She deserves the world, and if anyone can donate anything, PLEASE DO! It’ll really help her out.

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If anyone can help my lovely lady here that would be really great <3

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